Constructive Criticism
NES Emulator

What's wrong about this NES Emulator?

  • There are a few pixels of extra padding on the top bar, so shorten it to 44 px.
  • There is no title in the title bar. Suggestion: NES
  • The "Preferences" button should be renamed to "Settings".
  • The button "Preferences" takes you to another screen, therefore it should have the pointy style like the button below:
  • "Saved Games" should not be in the list since it is not a game.
  • Preference panels should not be selectable. Disable that.
  • Settings font is incorrect. Should be gray and have a shadow.
Voice Notes
What's Wrong about this Voice Recorder App?
  • Again, this app has extra pixels on the top bar.
  • There is no title in the title bar. Suggestion: Voice Notes
  • There are no horizontal separators between the list items.
  • A list item is selected while in Edit Mode. It should be deselected.
  • Bottom bar has no black border at the top.
  • Bottom bar serves no use and should be gotten rid of.
  • Too many things are in the Memo Actions pane. Play and Edit Name should be integrated into the main screen.
Mobile Finder
What's Wrong about this Finder App? Pretty much everything...
  • Settings should be on the right and should have the pointed style like the button below:
  • The bottom bar is atrocious. The buttons need to be condensed into a pop-out menu, such as seen in Voice Notes.
  • The bottom bar needs a black border at the top.
  • Delete needs to be moved to the top and turned into the Edit function used in many other apps. The swiping gesture needs to be implemented, too.
  • Each list item needs to be separated by a horizontal gray line.
  • Each list item must be 44px high, so the icons must be scaled down. The only exception to the 44px rule is when you're displaying multiple lines of text in one cell.
  • Each list item needs to have the arrow icon: